Types of Feminists: Part 1

Hello, foxy friends!

If you’ve used the internet long enough, you’ve probably come across feminist or women’s rights activists, but you may be confused because some of them seem different from each other. How can feminists differ from each other? Well, there are different types of feminist, and each type is a bit different.

According to GenderAgenda. net, there are sixty types of feminism. Sixty! I will not be covering all of them in this series, but I will be covering several of them. The types of feminism I’m covering break down into three categories: how women should be viewed, how women should be treated, and how women are oppressed. This first post is going to cover feminism dealing with how women should be viewed. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Amazon Feminism – When you here amazon, you probably think of either the river or the website, but this type of feminism isn’t about either. It mainly deals with how women are viewed in art and literature and changing the view of women as weak and passive to strong and brave. In other words, think of Katniss Everdean, Elizabeth Bennet, or Hermione Granger. They are just as strong as their male counterparts.20150514-025920-10760112.jpg

2. Difference Feminism – This type of feminism values “feminine” differences and wants more value place on them.  They basically want women to have the same respect for being “feminine” as men have for being “masculine,” and they don’t want being “feminine” to be a bad thing.


3. Essentialist Feminism – At a biological level, men and women are different. Does this mean we should have different values placed on us? This branch says no. We might be biologically different, but we should be treated equally.


4. Feminism and Women of Color – Did you know that if you are a woman who is not white you face even more discrimination? This type of feminism acknowledges that non-white women not only face sexism but also face racism, and they try to change it.


5. Pop Feminism – Yay girl power! That’s kind of what this branch is. It’s about empowerment, but it doesn’t really have any focus on social issues that could better empower women. Strong women from pop culture live here, so think female super heroes.


That does it for this first installment of Types of Feminists. I hope you enjoyed it or learned something. Let me know what you thought in the comments! The next installment should be up soon.

Until Next Post!

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